I would like to introduce myself and our business. My name is Patty Stringer, owner and operator of Homemade Quilts n More. I have been doing some type of sewing for most of my life along with working as a salesperson, accountant, clerk, secretary (Administrative Assistant) and most currently a Reliability Engineer.

 patty quilting

Always in the back of my mind I wanted to open a shop to share my love and enthusiasm for fabric. About 2005 my dear husband and I purchased our first longarm quilting machine. A Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher, on a 12 foot quilt table. As you can only imagine that was when the wheels went into motion developing a plan to create some type of quilting / fabric shop.


At first we started just doing longarm quilting for individuals as a side job. This was very satisfying but of course then you want more. So in the Spring of 2010 my dear husband and I started going to classes to learn more about the business end of things.  Then we found our wonderful location. We have opened Homemade Quilts n More in beautiful, historical downtime Grand Cane, Louisiana.

Six years of learning, questioning and making sure everything is just right, then we took the leap.

Homemade Quilts n More is a comfortable, creative place for people to gather, learn and share.

Quilting threads will keep us together.